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Sling Lift Patient Lifts

Many patient lift designs are sling lifts, often called a Hoyer Lift, the brand name of the first of these mobility devices that use hydraulic power. Using a sling or Hoyer lift involves placing the patient on a sling made from a piece of special fabric that can hold his or her weight while suspended in air. The fabric sling is usually attached to a metal frame with a series of hooks or clips. Sling mobility lifts usually have a wheeled base that requires space on the side of the patient's bed during transfer. The lift slings are normally made from a nylon or canvas material, each with specific weight capacities that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a sling and lift.
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Sling Types for Patient Lifts

Different sling designs are made to accommodate a variety of needs and because of this slings are usually sold separately from the lifter itself. Specialized patient slings are available for transferring immobile patients to the toilet, known as commode slings. These slings have an opening on the bottom to allow for toilet usage. Other slings have a higher back end to support the head for patients who require neck support. Slings are also available for standing style lifts. These slings support the lower back and buttocks, providing safety and security for transferring patients using a standing style lift. It is important to get a medical assessment of the patient's size, weight and medical condition in order to select the proper sling.
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U-Sling Style Lift Sling

Polyester Padded U-Sling
U-Slings represent the gold standard of patient lift slings, fitting 88% of patients.

Commode Lifting Sling

4 Point Full Body Patient Sling Mesh
This mesh lifting sling is a 4 point full body patient lift sling with an commode opening.

Bariatric Standing Support Sling

Stand Assist Bariatric Buttock Support Strap
This sling provides additional support to bariatric patients using stand-up patient lifts.

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